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Gold Coast Car Detailing

Mini Car Detail
Regular, professional cleanings of your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces help to protect materials from premature wear. Besides extending the life of your car’s paint and fixtures, you’ll love how it feels to drive a car that has been completely cleaned inside and out. During our standard detail service, we perform a hand wash, chamois cloth dry, rim cleaning and tyre dressing of your car’s exterior. We also wash the interior dash, centre console, windows, and mirrors. We finish by vacuuming carpets, seats, and the boot. Our Gold Coast car dealing service will have your car, truck, 4×4, or boat looking and smelling brand new.

Full Car Detail
Whether you’re planning that special anniversary dinner date or you’ve been tasked with shuttling important clients around town for the week, your car has to look first rate. In those cases, your best option is to get our full car detail service. Our Gold Coast Car wash and detailing service service includes our standard car detail and a few more bells and whistles. We clean door jambs, apply coatings to protect wax finishes, and use pressurised cleaning for wheel arches and rims. During our full car detail sessions, we thoroughly dust your car’s interiors with compressed air and condition its leather upholstery.

Pre-sale Car Detail
Whether you’re preparing to show a car to prospective buyers or clean it as part of a sales transaction, Shines Gold Coast Car Detailing can take the hassle out of the exterior and interior car washing. After getting a free quote for our mobile detailing service, simply make an appointment, and we’ll come to you. Our pre-sale car detail service is ideal for individuals and businesses. 

Machine Cut and polish

Road hazards, accidental bumps, and trips to automatic car washes can do a number on your car’s finish. If your car is looking a little dull, take a close look at its paint. Do you notice heavey scratches and marks? Those marks add up and make your car look old. With our detailing add-on services, you don’t have to get a new paint job or trade in your current car. 

Heavy Scratches 
Bug and tar (included)
Car wash scratches
Car Keys / Fingernail scratches
Faded Paint / Oxidizes paint
Brings paint back to original colour 
Tree sap stains
4×4 tree marks
Water marks

Shines and Protect

car has been cut and polish

Machine Polish
(Removes Swirl Marks)

We start with a thorough vehicle wash and dry that removes loose dirt and glued on contaminants such as bird droppings and road tar. After examining your car for light scratches and marks, We will machine buff your vehicle to remove some of its surface coating and all the marks. 

Light scratches
Hand polish scratches
Buffing Swirl marks
Light Stains
Car wash Scratches

Shines and Protects

car buffing cleaning

Hand Polish

The last stage of our paint correction services includes hand polishing and applying coatings that restore your car’s finish. We also use sealers that protect your vehicle’s paint and new finish. These paint correction and protection treatments help your car to resist corrosion too.

UV Coating
Car washes easier
Debris remove easier
wont scratch as easy
Stays looking new
Better protectant properties

Shines And Protects

car hand polish

Carpet and Seat Shampooing

Dirt and debris accumulate in your car’s cloth seats and carpets and impact your vehicle’s indoor air quality. Bacteria that grows on those contaminants can also cause your car to smell bad. We shampoo these areas to give you a cleaner, healthier driving experience

Leather Treatment
Leather seats and trim are premium upgrades in most cars, and regular care is needed to properly maintain them. Shines Detailing cleans and conditions leather fixtures in cars and boats to keep them looking nice for you and your car’s future owners. 

Dog Hair Removal
If you’re like many Australians, you love taking your dog to local beaches and dog parks. His antics bring a smile to your face and dog fur to your car. We take care of the dog hair with our mobile car detailing service; you can keep the smile. 

Headlight Restoration
Headlights that are obscured by layers of grime and dirt make your car less safe to drive. As an add-on offering to our car deatailing gold coast services, we clean headlights and restore them to their original brightness. 

Alloy Polishing, Roll Bar, and Mag Rims
Your car’s metal trim can either make it look old and clunky or sophisticated and polished. With our alloy, roll bar, and mag rim finishing services, we can make your car stand out from the crowd. If your vehicle’s rims and roll bar don’t shine after a normal wash and dry service, it’s time to take car detailing to the next level. Shines Detailing employs skilled technicians who use commercial-grade buffing equipment and polishing compounds to restore lustre to these metallic car accessories. 

Bug and Tar Removal
Insect splatter and road tar are just two things that you must endure as a Gold Coast driver. There’s no getting around this. Regularly removing bug innards and tar from your vehicle’s painted surface will make your car’s finish look better and last longer. Our detailing professionals use the right chemicals and techniques to remove these substances without causing more harm to your car’s clear coat and paint. 

Leather Treatment
Leather seats and trim are premium upgrades in most cars, and regular care is needed to properly maintain them. Shines Detailing cleans and conditions leather fixtures in cars and boats to keep them looking nice for you and your car’s future owners. 


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