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Car Detailing

Carpet and Seat Shampooing

Dirt and debris accumulate in your car’s cloth seats and carpets and impact your vehicle’s indoor air quality. Bacteria that grows on those contaminants can also cause your car to smell bad. We shampoo these areas to give you a cleaner, healthier driving experience

Dog Hair Removal
If you’re like many Australians, you love taking your dog to local beaches and dog parks. His antics bring a smile to your face and dog fur to your car. We take care of the dog hair with our mobile car detailing service; you can keep the smile. 

Headlight Restoration

Headlights that are obscured by layers of grime and dirt make your car less safe to drive. As an add-on offering to our car detailing gold coast services, we clean headlights and restore them to their original brightness. 

Alloy Polishing, Roll Bar, and Mag Rims
Your car’s metal trim can either make it look old and clunky or sophisticated and polished. With our alloy, roll bar, and mag rim finishing services, we can make your car stand out from the crowd. If your vehicle’s rims and roll bar don’t shine after a normal wash and dry service, it’s time to take car detailing to the next level. Shines Detailing employs skilled technicians who use commercial-grade buffing equipment and polishing compounds to restore lustre to these metallic car accessories. 

Bug and Tar Removal
Insect splatter and road tar are just two things that you must endure as a Gold Coast driver. There’s no getting around this. Regularly removing bug innards and tar from your vehicle’s painted surface will make your car’s finish look better and last longer. Our detailing professionals use the right chemicals and techniques (Clay Bar) to remove these substances without causing more harm to your car’s clear coat and paint. 

Leather Treatment
Leather seats and trim are premium upgrades in most cars, and regular care is needed to properly maintain them. Shines Detailing cleans and conditions leather fixtures in cars and boats to keep them looking nice for you and your car’s future owners. 


We service all of South East Queensland, from Brisbane to Byron Bay. For all car and boat owners.

Brisbane, Ipswich City, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Redland City, City of Gold Coast, West Moreton, Toowoomba City, The Tweed Shire, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and The Redlands.

Mobile Car and Marine Detailing Gold Coast

We take the hassle out by being mobile and coming to you, which saves you both time and money. In addition to being a cost-effective, mobile detailing guarantees peace of mind as well. If you work remotely, this means you don’t have to step away from your job, or even supply water as we bring our own.

mobile boat detailing

Car and Marine Detailing Affordability

At Shines Detailing, we promise affordability. To receive your free quote, give us a call today. From there, we’ll get you started with our premier detailing services. For mobile detailers who will honor customer, therefore providing a great service and quality, look no further than Shines car and marine detailing.

car detailing gold coast

Car and Boats - Decal sticker removal

Removal Process

The first step, washing the car. Next, to remove the decals this is done very carefully heating and peeling back the decals but while not burning the paint, after that waving a heat gun over the decals picking up the and edge of the decal and peeling it back. If the decals have been only on the car or boat for a short time they can normally be removed quite easily sometimes even without heat, to remove decals off windows you can use heat and a metal scraper carefully, don’t use the metal scraper on paint.

Don’t Scratch the paint

If the decals have been on the paintwork for a long time a lot of patience will be required, sometimes it best to get a hobby knife (signwriters knife) and slice the sticker into sections about 100mm by 300mm but don’t cut throw to the paint just the decal, keep a nice steady hand. After you have sliced the decal, only try to heat the section you will be removing as heating the same section to many times the decal seems to get brittle after that the glue underneath seems to be even more stubbing to remove, that’s really the last thing we need.

After the decals have been removed there will be a sticky residue, to remove the residue mineral turps is used with a rag, putting a lot of turps on a rag soaking it really and rubbing the rag over an area about 500mm by 500mm for about 30 seconds you will be able to tell if it is ready to come off by getting your Plastic scraper and just see if it’s soft, then use your plastic paint scraper to remove the residue.

Paint Correction

When you have removed the decals and residue you will be left with the original paint where the decals covered, normally it looks great because the decals have protected the paint, so after that removal process we need paintwork correction.

Removing scratches is another one of our sought-after specialties. Dings and nicks can detract from the beauty of your automobile. We remove these blemishes and, in turn, make your car look good as new. No matter your mobile detailing needs, we can satisfy them. Best of all, we come to you. This perk takes the hassle out of having to get your car serviced. For car detailing services that put a premium on convenience and quality, enlist the help of Shines Detailing. Our solutions allow you to maintain both the interior and exterior of your beloved vehicle

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