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Carpet and Seat Shampooing

Dirt and other debris build up within your car’s carpets and seats. They can also affect the quality of indoor air in your vehicle. The growth of bacteria on these substances can make your car smell unpleasant. We clean these areas to provide an easier, healthier driving experience.

Dog Hair Removal

Suppose you’re like most Australians and love taking your dog to local beaches or dog parks. The dog’s antics bring smiles to your face and pet fur to your vehicle. We will take care of the hair on your dog by providing an auto detailing mobile service. You’ll keep smiling.


Headlight Restoration

The headlights blocked by dirt and grime can make your car less secure to drive. As an added benefit to our Gold Coast services, we scrub the headlights and restore them to their original brightness.

Alloy Polishing, Roll Bar, and Mag Rims

Your car’s trim made of metal can make it look aged and ungainly or elegant and polished. With our roll bar, alloy, and mag rim finishing services, we’ll make your vehicle look different from the rest. If your car’s rims or roll bar do not shine after a regular dry and wash is time to take your car detail to the next step. Shines Detailing employs skilled technicians who utilize commercial-grade polishing and buffing equipment for restoring shine to these metal car accessories.


Bug and Tar Removal

Road tar and insect splatter are two examples of things you have to endure as a Gold Coast driver. There’s no way around it. Cleaning the bug innards and tar off your vehicle’s painted surface regularly will help improve your car’s appearance and last longer. Our detailers employ the correct methods and chemicals (Clay Bar) to remove these contaminants without causing damage to your car’s clear coating or paint.


Leather Treatment

Leather seats and trims are top-quality upgrades for most automobiles. Regular maintenance is required to keep them in good condition properly. Shines Detailing cleans and nourishes leather furniture in automobiles and boats, keeping their appearance for you and the car’s future owners.



We serve the entire region parts of South East Queensland, from Brisbane to Byron Bay. For all boat and car owners.
Brisbane, Ipswich City, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Redland City, Gold Coast, West Moreton, Toowoomba City, The Tweed Shire, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and The Redlands.

Ceramic Coatings Gold Coast and Brisbane

Ceramic Coatings Provide Paint Protection for Your Vehicle

If you’re the kind of person who takes one last lingering glance at your vehicle parked in the lot before entering a business, then you probably spend time and money keeping it clean and pretty. These days, you have the option of adding paint protection to the exterior of your vehicle by getting a ceramic coating.

Why a
Ceramic Coating is a Good Investment

To understand the benefits of a ceramic coating for your car, it’s helpful to review how other popular car paint protection products work. Many car owners use wax to protect their car’s paint. Wax is affordable, organic and sold in different varieties. The downside to wax is that it doesn’t last long.

Another product that vehicle owners use to keep their car’s paint looking new is sealant. Easy to apply, sealants are formulated to last for a few months. They are also synthetic. While sealants offer protection, they won’t give your car the same shiny look that wax provides.

Ceramic coating works better than wax and sealants. Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer that is applied to your vehicle by hand. After a ceramic coating is applied, it cures and transforms into a protective layer that can keep your vehicle’s exterior looking new for a few years. It does require proper maintenance to last.

The curing process takes about a week to complete depending on what temperature it is outside and how humid your area is. You can continue driving your car while the ceramic coating cures, but you’ll want to use extra caution to prevent damage.

How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating

To maintain a ceramic coating, you’ll need to wash your car regularly using a brush-free car wash. This will prevent swirls and scratches in the paint. On occasion, you will also need to treat the coating with a special spray.

In some cases, you may need paint correction Gold Coast before getting a ceramic coating. Since the ceramic coating will bond to the paint below, it’s important for that paint to appear as close to perfect as possible.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coatings on Gold Coast

Ceramic coating provides car paint protection. For instance, the product will protect your vehicle’s paint from harmful UV rays. If you’ve finally purchased your dream car and it features a high-end paintjob, you’ll want to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays since they can make the paint appear faded or dull.

A ceramic coating can also protect your paint from stains caused by air pollution, bird droppings, road grime and other substances. Ceramic paint protection Brisbane is available for car and marine transportation.

With marine ceramic coatings Brisbane and Gold Coast, you’ll have a paint protection product that will keep your vehicles and boats looking new.

Car Paint Protection in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Ceramic coating provides car paint protection in Gold Coast and Brisbane. After investing in ceramic coating for your car, you’ll appreciate that the exterior of your vehicle looks nice and new. The product also makes cleaning your vehicle fast and easy. To learn more, give us a call today.

Ceramic coatings, also known as ceramic paint coatings or nano-ceramic coatings, are advanced protective coatings applied to the surface of various materials, including cars, boats, and buildings. They are designed to provide long-lasting protection and enhance the appearance of the coated surface. Here’s some information about ceramic coatings:

  1. Composition: Ceramic coatings are typically made of nanoparticles of silica dioxide (SiO2) or titanium dioxide (TiO2) suspended in a liquid carrier, such as an organic solvent or water. These nanoparticles form a thin, transparent layer when applied to the surface.

  2. Protection and durability: Ceramic coatings create a protective barrier that shields the coated surface from various environmental contaminants and factors, such as UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and road grime. They are highly resistant to scratches, chemicals, and fading, providing long-lasting protection.

  3. Hydrophobic properties: One of the key benefits of ceramic coatings is their hydrophobic nature. They repel water and other liquids, making it easier to clean the surface and reducing the chances of water spots or stains. Water typically beads up and rolls off the coated surface.

  4. Gloss and appearance: Ceramic coatings can enhance the visual appearance of the coated surface, giving it a deep, glossy finish. They can improve the color intensity, reflectivity, and clarity of the paint or material, making it look more vibrant and appealing.

  5. Easy maintenance: Ceramic coatings reduce the adhesion of dirt, grime, and contaminants to the surface, making it easier to clean. The hydrophobic properties also help prevent the build-up of dirt and make it less likely for stains to penetrate the coating.

  6. Application process: Applying a ceramic coating usually involves several steps, including thorough surface preparation, such as washing and decontaminating the surface, followed by the application of the coating using an applicator or spray. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure proper curing and drying time for optimal results.

It’s important to note that while ceramic coatings provide excellent protection and durability, they are not completely immune to damage. They can still be scratched by sharp objects or abrasive materials. Additionally, the longevity of the coating depends on factors such as the quality of the product, the application process, and maintenance practices.

Professional application is often recommended for ceramic coatings, as the process requires skill, expertise, and proper equipment to achieve the best results. It’s also essential to choose a reputable brand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance to maximize the benefits of the ceramic coating.

Mobile Car and Marine Detailing Gold Coast

We make the process easier with our mobile service and can come to you, saving you time and money. Apart from being an efficient service, mobile detailing gives you peace of mind. When you are working remotely, it means that you do not have to leave your job and offer water when we bring our own.

Boat detailing on the Gold Coast refers to the process of cleaning, restoring, and protecting the appearance of a boat to keep it in excellent condition. The Gold Coast, located in Queensland, Australia, is known for its boating culture and beautiful waterways. Boat detailing services on the Gold Coast typically offer a range of services to cater to the needs of boat owners. Here’s an overview of what boat detailing on the Gold Coast may entail:

  1. Exterior cleaning: Boat detailers will thoroughly clean the exterior of the boat, including the hull, deck, and superstructure. This involves removing dirt, grime, salt, and other residues using specialized cleaning agents and tools. They may also use pressure washing techniques to ensure a deep and thorough clean.

  2. Polishing and waxing: To restore the boat’s shine and protect the paint or gel coat, boat detailers often perform polishing and waxing. This process involves using compounds and polishes to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks, followed by applying a protective wax or sealant to enhance the boat’s appearance and provide UV protection.

  3. Interior cleaning: Boat detailers will clean the interior of the boat, including the cabin, seating areas, carpets, upholstery, and storage compartments. They will remove any debris, vacuum, and use appropriate cleaning products to ensure a fresh and tidy interior.

  4. Teak cleaning and maintenance: If the boat has teak wood elements, such as decking or trim, boat detailers may provide specialized teak cleaning and maintenance services. This can involve cleaning, brightening, and applying protective coatings to preserve the natural beauty and longevity of the teak wood.

  5. Metal polishing: Detailers may also polish and restore metal surfaces, such as stainless steel or aluminum fixtures and fittings, to remove oxidation, stains, and water spots. This can enhance the overall appearance of the boat and prevent corrosion.

  6. Canvas and upholstery care: Boat detailers often offer services to clean and protect canvas covers, bimini tops, cushions, and other upholstery. This may involve using appropriate cleaners, stain removal techniques, and applying protective treatments to prolong the lifespan of the fabric and maintain its appearance.

  7. Engine and mechanical cleaning: Some boat detailers may also offer engine and mechanical cleaning services, which can involve degreasing, removing salt deposits, and cleaning components to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

It’s worth noting that boat detailing services on the Gold Coast can vary between providers, and you may find different packages or options available based on the size and specific needs of your boat. It’s recommended to inquire with local boat detailing companies for detailed information about their services, pricing, and any additional offerings they may have.

mobile boat detailing

Car and Boats - Decal sticker removal

car detailing gold coast
  • Removal Process


The first step is to wash the vehicle. The next step is to take off the decals. This is done by carefully heating and peeling back decals without burning the paint. Then, after the heat gun is swung over the decals and grabbed the edges of the decal, peeled back. Suppose the decals are just on the vehicle or a boat for a brief period. In that case, they can be removed easily, sometimes without heating. To take decals off windows, employ heat and a scraper, but be careful not to apply the scraper to paint.


  • Do not scratch the paint.


If the decals were stuck to the paintwork for a long period, an amount of patience is needed; at times, it is ideal to use an ordinary blade (signwriters knife) and cut the sticker into pieces of about 100mm by 300mm, but don’t cut through paint but only the decal. Keep an even hand. After you’ve cut off the decal, try to heat the area you are removing. Heating the same section numerous times causes the decal to become brittle once the glue underneath may become even more stubbing, and that’s not what you want to do.


Once the decals are removed, there will be a soapy residue. To remove the residue, mineral Turps is applied using the help of a rag; after placing much turps on the rag, soaking it thoroughly and then gently rubbing it over an area of about 500mm x 500mm for around 30 seconds. You’ll be able to determine when it’s time to be removed by grabbing your plastic scraper and checking if it’s soft. Then use the plastic paint scraper to scrape off the remaining residue.


  • Paint Correction


Once you’ve removed the decals and any residue, you’ll be left with the original paint that the decals were. Usually, it appears great since the decals protect the paint; therefore, following the removal process, you will need to make corrections to the paintwork.


Removal of scratches is another of our most sought-after services. Chips and scratches can detract from the appeal of your car. We can remove them and, as a result, will make your car appear brand new. Whatever your requirements for mobile detailing, we will meet your requirements. The best part is that we can come to you. This feature takes the stress out of having your vehicle serviced. Make use of Shines Detailing for detailing services for your car that place a premium on quality and convenience. Our solutions will help you keep the interior as well as the exterior of your vehicle.

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