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Cleaning Inside and Out

Our fully inclusive marine detailing package includes a full wash from the outside to the inside. Each nook and cranny is thoroughly scrubbed and dried. This also includes vinyl cleaning, metal polishing, window cleaning, wax/cleaning, and more. We use top quality products to gelcoat and fiberglass as well as clean all the internal compartments and spaces. This package also includes a full canvas cleaning and scum treatment. We use the best products for your boat, to ensure smooth sailing

Marine Upholstery Detailing

Marine upholstery can normally be cleaned quite easily using a soft bristle brush and upholstery cleaners removing sunscreen, dirt, mold, and mildew, etc.  Then a marine vinyl protection layer must be used to prevent unwanted staining and sticking again.

Maintenance Wash

We offer both one-time detailed washes done as needed or recurring washes. Recurring washes are the best way to keep your boat clean year-round so it’s ready for you anytime you want to enjoy it. We have an extensive inventory of specialized cleaners which are not only safe for your boat’s surfaces but are also environmentally friendly.

↓Restoring Marine Gelcoat

Unlike car painted surfaces, detailing marine Gelcoat restoration requires different grades of compounds and sometimes even sanding. Gelcoat correction, after years the gelcoat becomes porous and stained. To clarify the good news is that almost all Gelcoat can be restored.


Heavy Machine Cut or Sanding 

Salt, accidental bumps, and boat washes can do a number on your Vessels finish. If your boat is looking a little dull, take a close look at its paint. Do you notice heavy scratches, marks from jetties, chalk looking gel coat Those marks add up and make your boat look old. With our detailing services, you don’t have to get a re-paint or trade-in your current boat. 

Heavy Scratches
Faded Paint / Oxidizes paint
Brings paint back to the original color 

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Machine Cut and Polish

We start with a thorough vehicle wash and dry that removes loose dirt and glued on contaminants such as bird droppings and salt. After examining your boat for light scratches and marks, We will machine buff your vessel to remove some of its surface coating and all the marks.

Light scratches
Jetty Marks
Wash scratches
Buffing Swirl marks
Light Stains

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Shine Detailing specialises in delivering top quality service. Operating from Brisbane to Byron Bay. We are the Gold Coast car and marine detailing experts 

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