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Mobile Car and Marine Detailing

Gold Coast and Brisbane

New Car Uncertainty

Australian new vehicle sales plummeted by 12.5% in January 2020. This is the weakest figure for the month of January since the Global Financial Crisis in 2009.

The traditional link between house prices going up and increases in new vehicle sales has not occurred. This has challenged economists’ “wealth effect” theory that suggests when the house market improves, so does the new vehicle market.

(Simon Evans. Australian Financial Review. 6 Feb.2020)

The causes for this new vehicle sales downturn are complex. Australians may be uncertain about the government’s intentions regarding the lowering of emissions in conjunction with the possible banning of petrol and diesel emission cars in the future, in favour of the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EV).

For instance, the UK Prime Minister has just announced a fast forwarding of the total ban on petrol and diesel emission cars in the UK from 2040 to 2035, in order to achieve zero total emissions by 2050.

Transport in Australia currently accounts for 19% of all Australian emissions.

Car Smoky Exhaust

However, new car buyer confidence in Australia is more likely to be down because of the uncertainty of our financial future, owing to the recent national bushfire crisis, long-term drought, low to zero wages growth and the social effects of the corona virus. People are choosing to maintain their cars with an experienced mechanic.

Electric Vehicles

Australians may also be waiting for the EV technologies and batteries to improve and for a reliable and extensive National network of recharging stations to be established before moving from their current petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles to the purchase of a fully Electric Vehicle.

In Australia, new car sales of EV’s are 0.6% of total car sales while the Global average of EV sales is 3.5% of total vehicle sales.

In this climate of uncertainty, Australians appear to be holding onto their current vehicles for longer.

Car Detailing

Accordingly, keeping our cars on the road and maintaining their value and look has become more of a priority than ever for many Australian car owners and buyers. And this is where the expertise of a professional Car Detailer comes into play.

nissan 300zx, car polished, rims cleaned, tyre shine

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning and conditioning of a motor vehicle, including motorcycles and marine craft, to produce show-quality cleanliness and polish. Detailing can be performed on a vehicle’s exterior and interior. There are a range of products and services that focus specifically on these two areas.

The detailing process involves paying attention to particular areas of a car that are subject to dirt, dust and harsh weather conditions. Car and marine detailing involves not only cleaning a vehicle but also highlighting and showcasing the best attributes of the car, motorbike or boat.

Car Marine Detailing Brisbane Gold Coast

Key aspects of car detailing include:

  • Exterior Car Wash
  • Interior Vacuum and Clean
  • Shampoo Seats and Carpet
  • Leather Clean and Condition
  • Paint Protection and Correction
  • Cut and Polish
  • Buffing Swirl Removal
  • Chrome and Alloy Polish
  • Restoring Marine Gelcoat

Car detailing can also involve the restoration of much older vehicles back to their original condition.

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