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Shines Detailing is a mobile car and boat detailing service on the Gold Coast. Detailing with over 15 years of experience we can cater to your needs with literally thousands of cars and boats detailed we can guarantee your pride and joy will look it’s very best.

Delivering top quality service keeping you satisfied with our work.

We take the time and care to make sure even the tiniest detail is managed, in every circumstance. There, really, is no other way.

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Quality & Reliability

Because of our professional services. If you have a deadline we will always work hard to exceed expectations.Mobile car detailing Gold Coast, Brisbane to Byron Bay.


Why Regular Car Detailing is so important:

If you are a car enthusiast or just like driving a nice-looking clean car, then you need to keep your pride and joy in pristine condition by having your car regularly detailed by a Gold Coast professional. If you own a car, you need to make sure that you care for your vehicle and maintain all aspects related to car detailing in order to keep both internal and external surfaces protected from the harsh environmental elements that come along with Gold Coast living.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning and conditioning process of both the interior and exterior of the car. Car detailing is much more than just a car wash. The detailing process involves paying attention to very specific areas of a car that are subject to dirt, dust and harsh weather conditions. Car detailing involves not only cleaning a vehicle, but also highlighting and showcasing the best attributes of your car.

  • Starting with a Wash

The first step of car detailing is to start with a car wash. We make sure we use only the best pH balanced car shampoo in order to keep the car paint work from being damaged. Using a cheap house detergent or cheap car shampoo can affect the polish on your car and in some cases lead to your paint work being damaged. When washing your car, we use professional high-density sponges and wipes. When complete we use a soft chamois to gather all of the excess water, avoiding large water droplets drying out and leaving stains.

  • Vacuuming

Once we have washed your car, we move on to the vacuuming and cleaning of the interior. We use power vacuums that suck out the dust and dirt particles buried deep into the carpet and upholstery. If you live in a hot climate like the Gold Coast, where we use recycled air conditioning regularly then the interior of your car needs to be regularly vacuumed. This is because the interior of most cars is a closed confined space and therefor can be a breading ground for dust mites, and bacteria. We use high powered vacuums, and anti-bacterial cleaners to remove all dirt and grime, then apply protective coatings, and optional fragrances to carpets and upholstery.

  • We Remember the Small Things

As part of our Gold Coast detailing service we also dust and clean the car air conditioning vents, dashboard panels, gear stick compartments and underneath the seats. When cleaning the seats, we use manufacturer approved cleaners and coatings that suit the surface material.

  • Turn to the Wheels

Mag wheels can make or break a car. They are often the showpiece of most high performance and luxury cars. Unfortunately, they are always touching the ground, and are the part of the car that gathers the most dirt. Mag wheels are often designed with hard edges and angles that make then look great, but also makes them more difficult to clean. Brake dust is the biggest contributor to wheel dirt and is continuously being deposited on your mag wheels each time you use your brakes. We take the time to clean all areas of your mag wheels, including the intricate nooks and crannies, as well as your brake calipers.

  • Save the Paint

Getting your car regularly detailed keeps the paint work protected and increases the life of the paint and the car itself. An occasional cut and polish is highly recommended to bring back any paint work that has faded or been exposed to the harsh Gold Coast outdoor elements. The salty air causes major problems to all vehicles on the Gold Coast and it is important to have that salty residue washed off cars regularly. A professional polish adds a barrier between the paint work and the salt air, protecting the car from rust.

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Shine Detailing specialises in delivering top quality service. Operating from Brisbane to Byron Bay. Marine and car detailing available

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